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Don’t let the CORONATIME affect your business

March 25th, 2020 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Don’t let the CORONATIME affect your business”

We are witnessing epic times – the CORONATIME. This is not necessarily bad for your business if you turn it into your favor. Don’t let the CORONATIME affect your business!

Increased interest in digital assets trading reported by search engines

With a large part of the world population that is now more plugged than ever, and dealing with this uncertainty caused by the global pandemic crisis, it’s not surprising that many have an interest in digital assets. The digital assets market has shown it can be very volatile as traditional ones when the global economy is dealing with a pandemic.

Search engines reported an increased interest of the users in trading digital assets despite the market massacre that started on the 12th of March 2020 and lasted for a week. Exchanges have registered new traffic records and trading volumes.

This interest may be related to the theory spread over the internet, that a global economic meltdown may lead to growing value for the digital assets.

Where is this increased interest going?

It takes to the point where crypto exchanges and other companies related to the industry have to find fast solutions to support their increased volumes in operations. This leads to more partners, more costs, more work. While their clients are trading higher volumes, they still have to make transactions with fiat, which we all know it’s not that easy as a high-risk business.

PAYTAH to the rescue

The current regulatory environment is more and more strict, so during CORONATIME crypto businesses are finding even harder opening company account and making transactions. Happily, PAYTAH is here to help these companies to overcome this kind of bottlenecks.

We know that this is exactly the moment when now more than ever high-risk businesses need to partner with a trustworthy financial institution that has the right experience in risk management and in-house technology to manage transactions in the safest possible way.

Here is what PAYTAH can do as a crypto-friendly payment solutions provider:

  • Settlement IBAN accounts – Supporting new and existing businesses
  • Payment accounts – Fast and reliable SEPA transfers
  • Segregated accounts – To meet different needs
  • Custom IBAN –  Fitted to your business needs (T&C apply)
  • Personal accounts – With respect to individuality
  • Instant internal transfers – One click away
  • B2B and B2C payments supported – As easy as you say Paytah
  • SDK available for automated payments

And many more you can find by reaching out to us at [email protected].

Don’t let the Coronatime affect your business. It’s the right time to turn the CORONATIME into your favor!


April 4th, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “DIRECT PAYMENTS INTEGRATION WITH BANK OF LITHUANIA.”


The Paytah development team completed the integration tests with the payment system operated by the Bank of Lithuania. The integration makes possible to put in place a state-of-the-art gateway for instant payments within the EEA area.

Paytah is now equipped to offer the best possible service to its clients based on the newest payment technology. Paytah is now positioned among the very top payment service providers in Europe, using cutting edge fintech applications.

Paytah is the first payment institution to offer IBAN accounts running on blockchain. At the beginning of May, the new services will be available to individual and corporate customers. Stay tuned for more!

PAYTAH Listed as Participant of the European Payments Council

March 15th, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “PAYTAH Listed as Participant of the European Payments Council”

We are excited to announce that Paytah is now a participant of the European Payments Council.  Paytah is now listed as a SCT participant and additional services like Instant Transfers will be added shortly.

This is an important milestone in our quest on building a user-friendly and cost-effective banking service alternative for our clients. Letting go of old fashion ways and giving room for the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, taking banking experience to the next level.

Supporting the crypto revolution is part of our core value. We are proud to be one of the first crypto-friendly payment service providers and the first finance institution to launch a payment account app running on blockchain

Faster, safer and scalable transactions

Account transactions can now be processed in-house which drastically reduces processing time. Extra layer of security for payment transfers once third parties are eliminated from the workflow and replaced by our proprietary, blockchain based technologies.

We can now issue IBANs

Issuing International Bank Account Numbers in-house facilitates the process of opening a business or an individual account. And radically reduces the bureaucracy involved in the process of onboarding new customers. Clients can expect a faster and more dynamic service from now on.

In the coming months, our team will be focused on further developing banking applications and credit card processing functionalities. We are also upgrading the Anti Money Laundering and KYC procedures, implementing additional automation tools.

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