We are excited to announce that Paytah is now a participant of the European Payments Council.  Paytah is now listed as a SCT participant and additional services like Instant Transfers will be added shortly.


This is an important milestone in our quest on building a user-friendly and cost-effective banking service alternative for our clients. Letting go of old fashion ways and giving room for the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, taking banking experience to the next level.

Supporting the crypto revolution is part of our core value. We are proud to be one of the first crypto-friendly payment service providers and the first finance institution to launch a payment account app running on blockchain

Faster, safer and scalable transactions

Account transactions can now be processed in-house which drastically reduces processing time. Extra layer of security for payment transfers once third parties are eliminated from the workflow and replaced by our proprietary, blockchain based technologies.

We can now issue IBANs

Issuing International Bank Account Numbers in-house facilitates the process of opening a business or an individual account. And radically reduces the bureaucracy involved in the process of onboarding new customers. Clients can expect a faster and more dynamic service from now on.


In the coming months, our team will be focused on further developing banking applications and credit card processing functionalities. We are also upgrading the Anti Money Laundering and KYC procedures, implementing additional automation tools.