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Where can I see my IBAN?

You can find your IBAN inside your Paytah account, click on the “Accounts” section.

To see the BIC select the account and click “Funding Instructions”  tab.

Where can I find my confirmation code?

The confirmation code can be requested during the payment process, on the payment confirmation page. You just need to click the link at the bottom that says ‘Resend verification code to email’ and you will immediately receive a fresh code to your email address.

How can I reset my password?

Your password to access your Paytah account can be reset by clicking on this link: . Write in the blank space your email address associated to your account. A password reset link will be immediately emailed to you, please make sure you also check your spam folder. 

I am a Nexyiu customer, how can I contact customer support?

For Nexyiu customer support, please click on this link

What address and name do I use on Payments?

Bank name: Phoenix Payments Ltd.

Bank address: No.3, Level 1, Vision Exchange Building, Territorials Street, Mriehel, BKR3000, Malta

Why is my payment still processing?

Due to the increase of our business and the adoption of the new IBANs, we changed our internal procedures to reduce even further the risk of fraudulent transactions. This has generated a slight delay in payments processing.

In any case, although the status of the transaction may appear as “Processing”, the transactions are still executed within the standard 24/48 hours.

Can I use my old IBAN?

No, your old IBAN is inactive, you must provide your new IBAN to all your contacts to ensure they are sending funds to the correct IBAN, which will avoid delays in future.

Can I make more than two transactions to the same beneficiary on the same day?

No, please note there is this restriction: you are limited to only two transactions to the same beneficiary each day.

Is there a restriction on how much I can send?

No, however on occasions we may need to carry out some additional checks which may delay the payment processing time. Should we require further information on your payment we will contact you.

How can I communicate with Paytah online?

Please fill out the form on Contact us – Paytah

How can I open an additional account?

Send e-mail to [email protected] with Subject – ‘Open Additional Account’

What credentials do I need to use to log on?

You will need a username and password to login. The username is the email address that you stated in the Application form. Password is set during the initial profile setup.

How can I cancel a transaction?

In order to cancel a transaction, please contact customer support.

Is my data secure? Is this platform your own or hosted by a third party?

We use Google Cloud as the infrastructure provider. Such partnership allows us to use all the power and experience of the global leader in data processing and security. Google Cloud is compliant with European Banking Authority Guidelines. Please find more at: 

How many times can I input my password incorrectly?

You may enter the wrong password 5 times. After 5 consequent wrong attempts, your profile will be blocked and you will need to contact [email protected] in order to unblock it.

Can I access my account statements online?

Yes, you can go to your Account, click on the “Download statement” button and set the report type and date range. Then head over to the “Reports” menu to download your report. Transactions done from the 22nd of April 2020 onwards can be seen on the new platform.

Can I access my old transactions (before the 22nd of April 2020)?

You will need to request transactions that are older than April 22, 2020 by emailing [email protected] 

How can I transfer an amount to an existing customer of Paytah?

Internal Transfer.

Can I do mass payouts? If so, how does it work? Do I need to sign every single payment on the file?

When logged in please click on payments – your last option will be Bank Mass Payment, here you can upload a file to make mass payments.

Do you offer virtual (customized) Ibans and if so, how do I get one?

No, for the time being this is not possible.

Can I process SWIFT transactions / Foreign Currencies in the new platform?

No, we are a SEPA only account.

I processed a payout X days ago, but beneficiary did not receive money yet?

Please fill out the form at:  Contact us – Paytah

How do I enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for my Paytah account?

1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the Paytah mobile app for iOS or Android
2. Go to “My Profile”
3. Click on “Two-factor authentication”
4. Click on the ‘Enable’ button

When 2FA is enabled, you will start receiving a verification code as an email and as a notification in your mobile app every time you log in to your web account and process payments.

How do I disable two-factor authentication (2FA)?

1. Log in to your web account
2. Go to ‘My Profile’
3. Under ‘Sign-in & security’, click on the ‘Disable’ button to turn off your 2FA.