In the last 10 years, the exponential growth in the worldwide economy has given the previously excluded individuals traction in the formal economy. Yet, billions of people are not sufficiently provided with banking and payment services – the underserved businesses and individuals who need to get a foothold and to be financially empowered.

In the recent decade, financial inclusion has been top-of-mind among institutions and enterprises through the ongoing development in finance technology. Innovations in online payment services have changed the game, with a diversity of the best payment solutions now available even for individuals and small to medium businesses.

The evolving technology innovations are driving growth across communities, allowing them more time to run their businesses more efficiently. New financial habits and norms are created which now allows individuals to have a more efficient role in managing the financial well being of their businesses.

Paytah Payment Solutions, top payment service providers in Europe, uses cutting edge financial technology applications. Paytah is a participant of the European Payment Council and is a user-friendly, cost-effective and crypto-friendly payment service alternative. It is also the first financial institution to offer IBAN (International Bank Account Numbers) running on blockchain.

Encouraging the crypto revolution is part of Paytah’s core values. It is an important landmark in the company’s quest to taking online banking experience to the next level which even the underserved businesses can now access and appreciate.

New directions in finance technology have influenced the progress in societies where transparency and accessibility to funds were formerly deficient. With the development in finance technology, the underserved companies now have access to digital platforms that provide affordable payment solutions whilst owners have the chance to reshuffle and modernize their company’s activities to further grow their businesses.

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Paytah Payment Solutions (Phoenix Payments Ltd) is a fully licensed financial institution regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). It has passported its activity to all 28 EU and EEA member states. PAYTAH operates under the legal framework of the European Payment Services Directive established to provide safer and more innovative payment services across the EU.