COVID-19 – Global Context

In the light of the current global context, Paytah is closely monitoring developments concerning coronavirus pandemic and is taking all necessary measures to ensure the wellbeing of employees, to prevent any potential business impact and to ensure business continuity.

We take care of our team, so we can keep supporting you

As Paytah provides services on a non-face-to-face basis, it’s easy to adopt remote-encouraged policy and stand up for our social responsibility to prevent the virus spreading further, while ensuring the business continuity that supports and enables our clients and the economies we operate in.

We have a fully functional system that enables staff to work remotely. So we are well-equipped to support you and keep Paytah running, even if we can’t make it to the office.

Paytah also has a Business Continuity Management Policy Framework which will escalate if the need arises.

Security First

We are fully set up to continue the business as usual

We have assessed the risk of increased cyber-security related fraud aimed both to customers and our institution, therefore we have proactively strengthened our technologies, infrastructure, and tools.

We can assure and confirm that our Support Agents, Officers and Compliance Officers are monitoring the system and perform their activities remotely via secured channels. 

Maintain a high reliance on our clients is very important and therefore we already designed our system to comply with the best protocols, and services are available under our available resources. 

Always here for you

If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to address them to [email protected]. We will gladly do our best to provide you with our full support.