We are entering an exciting time in the FinTech space where challenges can be perceived as opportunities for growth. Our service is expanding, customer base increasing and team growing in Malta, Barcelona and Zug.

That being said we are thrilled to announce that Paytah is evolving into something greater in order to meet the needs of our growing portfolio of customers.

Stay tuned as we provide you updates on the new changes rolling out in the next few weeks. Rest assured that these changes will not directly affect you and your business. Our company policy and your conditions will remain the same.

While we are constantly enhancing our platform to meet the needs of our customers, we are still the same company in delivering high-class payment services to underbanked businesses and individuals with a strong technology and a customer centered philosophy.

We are not just rebranding, but bringing something greater to our partners, customers and the entire ecosystem.

On behalf of the team, we thank you for your continued business and valued support.